Strong, secure relationships are necessary for all of us to thrive.

Nothing brought you greater joy than the love you found with your partner. You could not wait to be together; the closeness you felt was special, energizing and reassuring.

However, today those intense and wondrous feelings may have been unfortunately replaced with:

  • Repeated arguments, often begun over a small, insignificant issue but then escalating to bigger, sometimes hurtful disagreements
  • Feelings of tension, of "walking on eggshells." A greater distance has come between you.
  • Less intimacy because the emotional connection has decreased
  • Fear of talking about your concerns because you just don't know where to start . . . or where the conversation will lead

You both feel stuck. You've tried to discuss your differences, yet old issues never get resolved, and the pain you're feeling can lead to hopelessness.

Couples just like you (indeed, you're not alone!) who are considering relationship counseling are wondering:

  • Can couples counseling make a difference? Can our relationship be saved?
  • Is there a solution to our repeated cycles of arguing? And is there hope for closing the growing distance between us?
  • Is it too late for us?
  • Can we turn back time to our best days together?
  • And, can we set a better example for our kids?

Answers to these questions can depend on where your feelings are in your marriage or relationship.

My goal as a psychologist who specializes in working with couples and individuals on relationship issues is to assist you at any stage of your journey.


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I encourage you to schedule a conversation with me at no cost to discuss which approach feels right for you. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions about any concerns related to marriage counseling and to see whether we are a good fit to work together.

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About Me and My Practice

My passion is helping couples reconnect and develop a strong foundation from which they can take on any challenge. Having experienced highs and lows in my own marriage, I understand the pain of reaching out to your partner and not finding him as well as the strength and peace of feeling safe and loved. I specialize in using scientific, innovative couples therapy approaches that provide proven tools to help couples stop hurting each other and become a team again.

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