What to Expect

Scheduling an Appointment

When you call or email to schedule an appointment, we will discuss your concerns and questions.  After setting a time for your first appointment, I will send you a link to my secure client portal where you can review the consent forms and complete an intake questionnaire prior to coming to your first appointment. I will go over the policies and consent information in the first session and answer any questions you have about the forms. 

Finding my office

Heights Couples Therapy is part of Wellness Collaborative located at 104 W. 12th Street, Suite B. The building is on the southeast corner of 12th and Yale and our suite is on the 2nd floor.  From Yale Street, there is an entrance to the parking lot across from the blue glass panels. There is also parking along 12th street.

When you arrive please be seated in the waiting room. Your therapist will meet you at the time of your appointment.

Meeting Schedule/ Frequency of Sessions

Couples therapy is most effective with weekly meetings during the first phase of stabilization and de-escalation.  After the intake process,  your therapist can give you an estimated time frame. Most couples are in therapy for at least 6 months, and a year or more is not uncommon.

Relationships that have been strained by years of disconnection and multiple injuries take even longer to repair and strengthen.


Typical Intake Process is as follows:

Consultation Meeting:

Time involved: 15 minutes 

After agreeing to the policies, we will schedule a 15-minute consultation to better assess whether you and your therapist are a good fit.  You will be asked about your goals for therapy and briefly assess the strengths and challenges of your relationship. A brief overview will also be given at this point about our approach to couples therapy and take any questions you may have. 


Preliminary Questionnaire(s):                                  

Time involved: 1-3 hours 

To further evaluate what services are indicated and whether our therapists are the therapists best suited for your situation, the next step is to complete an initial screening assessment consisting of online questionnaires about your relationship, your history, and your psychological functioning.

Once these questionnaires are completed, your therapist will review the questionnaires and meet with you to give you a brief (30-minute) feedback and recommendations. This comes with a fee of $250. 

*Please note that completing this assessment does not guarantee that Dr. Spiller or any other therapist at Heights Couples Therapy will accept you as a client. It may be determined that other services or another provider may be more appropriate for your needs


Intake Evaluation/First Sessions:                                  

Time involved: 90 minute joint session + 50 minute individual meetings (X2) + 75 minute feedback and treatment plan session 

If it is decided that Heights Couples Therapy and you are going to work together, the next step is to complete the rest of the intake evaluation.

Your therapist will meet once jointly and once individually with each of you.  At the end of this process, you will meet for an in-depth assessment feedback session. At that session, together with Dr. Spiller (or another one of our therapists), you will collaboratively discuss a treatment plan as well as coordination of any additional services that may be recommended (e.g. individual therapy). The cost of these sessions collectively will be $1,275. 


Please let us know if you would like to proceed with scheduling the 15-minute consultation. We are also happy to answer any questions.