EFT Supervision & Consultation

Learn EFT. Improve your focus and balance in your EFT work.   

How many times have you found yourself doing any of the following: 

EFT Supervision

Desperately trying to control out-of-control sessions?

Feeling ensure how to move intellectual, stoic clients into more emotional engagement?

Dreading those sessions where it feels like the same ground is being covered over and over with no change?

Thinking maybe I should refer this couple to a therapist who could really help them? 

In many ways, working with couples can be much more challenging than helping individuals. Emotions are high, clients are reactive, and more often than not there are significant, painful events that resulted in the couple seeking therapy. 

Even experienced couples therapist can feel lost and wonder if they are really being helpful.


How does supervision help?

Supervision with another experienced therapist can help new and experienced therapists deepen their knowledge of the EFT model and learn how to deliberately practice the key EFT skills that will improve your clinical effectiveness and reduce the stress of difficult cases.  

Working in supervision will allow you to 

Feel more grounded using the Tango as a tool to stay focused in your sessions

Learn to see client blocks as something to move toward rather than avoid or fix

Get support for those moments when you feel stuck or triggered yourself in session

Help to be more mindful and intentional in your moves in session


Supervision and Consultation in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and Individuals

Our relationships with special others have the power to lift us up and crush us. Similarly, helping our clients navigate challenging relationships can be rewarding as well as incredibly stressful. Learning Emotionally Focused Therapy provides relationship and couples therapists with a proven and effective road map for helping people heal and strengthen their relationships.

I provide EFT consultation and supervision to therapists learning the EFT model.  Supervision modalities include face-to-face for therapists in the Greater Houston area or virtually using Zoom for therapists outside of Houston. In both forms of supervision, I like to focus on the self-of-the-therapist considerations as well as skills training, using review of recorded sessions, role plays, and “bug-in-the-ear” live supervision.  I strongly encourage my supervisees to video tape their sessions, become active within ICEEFT, attend live and on-line EFT training events, and to become ICEEFT certified therapists.

*EFT supervision hours count towards ICEEFT certification requirements.


About My Supervisor Qualifications

dr spillerI am licensed psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience in treatment, supervision, and research. For 10 years I was the director of clinical training for a Master’s in Clinical Psychology degree program. I am an ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist and a supervisor candidate mentored by ICEEFT Trainer Sharon Chatkupt Lee and Certified Supervisor Karyn Bristol.

I am also the president of the Houston Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy for 2020-2021 years. I am dedicated to my own learning and growth as an EFT Therapist and supervisor and regularly engage in supervision and consultation.


My Rates

While I am working on my certification as a supervisor, I am charging $125 for an hour of one-on-one supervision.  If you are interested in getting to know me and my supervision and consultation style, please contact me or join HCEFT and attend our free monthly Case Consultation (2nd Mondays at 9 am CST).

EFT Supervision is not supervision towards or for a professional mental health/psychotherapy license in any state or territory.  All EFT supervisees/consultees are required to hold a full license to practice psychotherapy in their state or territorial location of practice, or to hold an associate/provisional-level license and simultaneously meet legal requirements for professional license supervision in their location of practice.  Hiring me as an EFT Supervisor or consultant does not contract me as a supervisor for professional licensure.