Romance in Quarantine: Romantic At-Home Date Ideas

Romance in Quarantine: Romantic At-Home Date Ideas

For most of America, the covid restrictions didn’t start coming down until after Valentine’s day last year, and whether we thought about it much or not – we all kinda expected to be back to normal by now. As with many things in our lives lately, however, things have not gone as expected.

This year as we roll into the romantic holiday season that is mid-February many of us are searching for alternatives to the date night we’ve come to love so much. 

Skipping the festivities altogether is an option and for some couples, it will be just another day. For some couples, however, the romance of the holiday is not one they wish to give up – and we would encourage them not to! 

Valentine’s day is a perfect excuse to reconnect and take time to enjoy your partner. This connection is so important and the benefits extend beyond just the confines of the relationship. So in an effort to save Valentine’s day in 2021, we’re sharing our best at home date night ideas to keep that spark ablaze! 

Try something familiar

What is your favorite way to connect with your partner? Do you enjoy watching a good movie in a big fancy IMAX theater, sharing popcorn, and fighting over the Cookie Dough Bites? Do you enjoy a nice steak dinner and a glass (or bottle) of wine? Or maybe an evening stroll along the water is more your style?

Whatever your ideal, try approaching your favorite date with new eyes. If you’re a big movie buff, there are countless movies to be streamed online and many are releasing for streaming and theatres simultaneously. (Wonder Woman ‘84 is free on HBO MAX right now!) And if a movie on the couch sounds boring, – make it more fun. 

Buy some awesome movie snacks, like those stovetop popcorns and all your favorite candies. Drag your pillows into the living room or move the furniture around and make it more comfortable for the evening. You can even hop on YouTube and watch a few trailers before you start the movie for the real feel. 

Movies, not your thing? The same can work with almost any date night experience. Just think about what you would be doing in a perfect (non-covid) world and try to recreate that experience at home – to as little or as great of an extent as you’d like. 

Just keep in mind connection is the goal, not recreation. So if you want to employ your teens as your waiters for your restaurant role play go for it, but don’t forget to make your partner your focus! (The teens will scatter on their own – trust us!) 

Try something new! 

Experiencing something new is also a great way to connect! Right now many of these events are being held virtually and allow you to stay in your comfy pants if you choose to. 

Some examples of great new experiences are: 

  • Cooking a new meal together or taking an online cooking class
  • Participating in a seminar like Hold me Tight 
  • Create a wine tasting experience sampling lots of different wines and cheeses 
  • Turn on some old episodes of Bob Ross and paint along with the shows 
  • Order take out from a new restaurant (bonus points for new cuisine) and have an indoor picnic 
  • Bundle up and go stargazing in the backyard – if you brave enough you camp! 
  • Start a bonfire and snuggle under the blankets with a glass of hard cider
  • Go for a late-night hike 
  • Break out a puzzle or new board game and put on your favorite record 
  • Move all the furniture out of the living room (or at least just out of the way), out on some nice clothes and dance the night away

Of course, this barely scratches the surface of new experiences you can partake in. Get creative and don’t let Covid stop you from deepening your connection with your partner. 

Take a trip down memory lane! 

Most of us have been together for quite some time, but this works even if you’re newlyweds. Take a night to relish the past. Look through old photos and videos. Laugh over old stories. Choose your outfit, hairdo, and makeup choices based on when you first met. And take a trip down memory lane. 

This can be done as a nightcap with any of your other Valentine’s day festivities or can carry the night alone. Taking the time to remind each other about the early days is often all the spark necessary! 

Final Thoughts 

This Valentine’s Day will be different. Whether you are dining at a safe restaurant in-person,  creating your own 4-course meal at home, or just eating Cheetos and laughing about the 90’s, you can make it GREAT! Keep in mind that this is temporary and you can and will get through this. 

Beware of perfection and expectations as they can ruin a night, even a well-planned one. Whatever you’re planning don’t try too hard to make it perfect, don’t put too much pressure on the night or yourself. Keep the goal in mind always. And keep the fire extinguisher at close reach!


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