Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall Date Night Ideas

Ready for some date night ideas? 

With everything going on in the world today, the idea of going out on a date may seem like something of the past. But why not go on a date? The CDC is not recommending social distancing from your partner. Spending time together and keeping romance alive is very important and even more so in times of stress and uncertainty, like now. 

There are so many ways that you and your special someone can still connect and spend time together this fall. Here are some great romantic date night ideas for you to start to work into your usual date night lineup.

Date Night Idea #1: Romantic Dinner (Candlelight Optional) 

You’ve probably shared all your meals together lately, but when was the last time you shared a nice meal with your partner while connecting over meaningful conversation? 

A romantic dinner is a staple for couples for a reason and there is no reason why it can’t be done at home. You can even dress up if you want, light a candle and attempt to recreate the restaurant feel. Or you can take it outside for a nice picnic. 

If you are concerned about social distancing, look into some areas of your town that are secluded like a park or hiking trail. Taking your date outside your home is a great way to take in the crisp fall air and get outside your home for a little while. 

If you’ve been cooking a lot lately, try ordering take-out from a local restaurant you’ve never tried. Or, if all you’ve been eating is take-out try cooking a meal together. 

Date Night Idea #3: Become a Local Tourist 

While you may be a lover of traveling the world, your travel options are likely limited at the moment. Take advantage of that and plan a great fall date night idea in your own local town.

Try taking the time to research some local spots in your town you haven’t been to in a while. Check out new spots or just go drive down some streets you haven’t explored before. Or take a walk down memory lane and go for a walk in an old neighborhood or visit a park you used to frequent. 

There are so many great ways to find some amazing spots right here in Houston. People do come here on purpose after all! And your local community will also love your support during these times. 

Date Night Idea #3: Create Your Own Drive in Movie 

A lot of date nights used to revolve around going to the movies, but it can be unsafe to visit a theater or even hire a babysitter. If you have  a drive-in located in your town then you have hit the jackpot.  Go there! Often! And make out in the back seat! 

But if not, don’t worry, you can just recreate the nostalgia in your own front yard. (Make outs and all!) Try setting up a portable screen and projector in your driveway and fill up your car full of your favorite cinema snacks. 

Pro-Tip: Offer to lend the project to a few of your favorite neighbors for their date nights and you’ve just made the world a better place!  

Date Night Idea #4: Take a Cooking Class Together (Online) 

Whether online or in person, a cooking class is a great way to SPICE things up. Plus with more of us cooking at home now it’s a great time to learn a few new tips and tricks. 

Learning something new together is a great way to build your relationship and strengthen your connection.  You can learn so much about each other by stepping out of your comfort zones and trying something new and different. 

Date Night Idea #5: Immerse Yourself In ALL the FALL

Look, I get it. We live in Texas. All this talk about fall is silly. Or is it?

Go all out and fully embrace the fall season. Go grab some pumpkins at your local pumpkin patch (or have some delivered) and have a pumpkin carving and decorating night. You can make it even more festive by brewing up some cider and having some festive treats! Maybe even throwing in a little friendly competition to see who carves the best pumpkin. 

You could also bake some pies together, watch a Halloween movie marathon, visit a corn maze, or just go on a hike in the woods. Anything that makes you feel fall is game. Even if it’s just cranking the AC wearing some footie pajamas and watching movies on the couch. 

The important thing is to make time for one another. To carve out some intentional time in this crazy whirlwind of a year to relax, connect and appreciate the partner you’re sharing the ride with. You deserve it, your partner deserves it and your love for one another deserves it. 

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