5 Relationship Questions You Need to Address ASAP in your Realtionship

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Relationships are tough and require constant work. Every day, you and your partner must be prepared to invest in your relationship. One effective way to do this is through ongoing evaluation. Here’s a list of essential relationship questions to contemplate, both individually and together, to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship:

Question #1: Do you feel safe in the relationship? 

In your relationship, you should feel free to be yourself without fear of judgment. Can your partner support you through tough times like cancer or depression? Seeking professional help can provide a safe space to discuss this.

Question #2:  Are you both happy? 

Relationships should bring joy into your life. While occasional bad days are normal, persistent anxiety and tension may signal underlying issues. If you find yourself frequently experiencing sadness or anger, it’s crucial to evaluate how the relationship impacts your emotional and mental well-being.

Question #3: Do your future plans align? 

Aligning your visions for the future strengthens your commitment. Ensure that your partner is willing to invest daily effort and accept you unconditionally without resorting to harsh criticism.

Question #4: Are your arguments healthy? 

Disagreements are inevitable, but how you handle them is crucial. Can you engage in calm discussions and work towards solutions? If arguments escalate into violence or become overly destructive, it’s imperative to reassess the relationship.

Question #5: Are you sexually compatible? 

Sexual compatibility and mutual agreement on intimate matters are essential aspects of a romantic relationship. Openly discussing your sexual preferences and boundaries fosters a safe and trusting environment within the relationship.

If you find yourselves answering “yes” to most or all of these relationship questions, your relationship is likely in a positive place. However, if any doubts arise, take the time to reflect on these questions and seek external perspectives. Consider reaching out to a therapist for support if you’re facing challenges in addressing these relationship questions.

Remember, relationships are dynamic and evolve. As you navigate through life together, it’s natural for new relationship questions and challenges to arise. By staying committed to open communication and mutual growth, you can continue to strengthen your bond and overcome obstacles together. Don’t hesitate to revisit these essential questions periodically to assess how your relationship is progressing and to address any concerns that may emerge along the way. If you find yourself needing assistance in addressing relationship questions, reach out to a qualified couples counselor to help. 

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